/The Origin of ISIS and Your Power To End War

The Origin of ISIS and Your Power To End War

Ben Swann’s latest Truth In Media episode reveals the startling history surrounding the creation of ISIS.

After watching Swann’s report, one thing becomes abundantly clear – the U.S. has spent billions upon billions arming people with weapons that would eventually be used to kill American soldiers and the people living in Syria, Iraq, and every country the U.S. has flooded with military equipment.

War has not been the solution to a dictatorship in the middle east, so let’s try peace.

Instead of arguing between Republicans and Democrats in the years ahead, Americans – and voters around the world – should only support candidates whose idea of “foreign aid” involves building houses and clean water facilities.

ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other monstrosities are the direct result of politicians that the American people have elected. Supporting Obama, Bush, and other military-industrial puppets will result in countless deaths around the world.

If you want actual change, start with yourself – and dig deeper into who you are empowering with your government’s treasury.

For real news, turn off the TV, and start tuning in to reality: