Presenting Miami’s Best Hip-Hop

The greatest hip-hop you’ve never heard is now at your fingertips.

For over seven years, I’ve been talent scouting musicians around the world and many of the most inspiring, ear-popping albums came from hip-hop artists in my own backyard in south Florida. So what inspired me to put out this mixtape?

There are so many amazing musicians that today’s music industry hasn’t discovered, with music and messages that can uplift millions of people.

While the tracks on Miami’s Best Hip-Hop range from old-school hip-hop to southern rap, the artists all have one thing in common – their songs have soul.

Here’s a taste.

To listen to the whole album, visit To buy the album, send $10 of Bitcoin here: Pay With Bitcoin


You can also order an individual song for $1. To receive your songs, click Contact and email your Bitcoin address, what you ordered, and your email address.


Music has the power to change the world. With music like Miami’s Best Hip-Hop, you can move the world in a positive direction.

About Andrew Meyer

Andrew Meyer writes and speaks about politics, music, sports, spiritual wisdom and more, and is internationally known for questioning U.S. Presidential candidate John Kerry and coining the phrase "Don't Tase Me Bro!" Follow him at @AndrewMeyer on Tsu and on twitter @theandrewmeyer.