/Andrew Meyer Joins PINAC and WeAreChange

Andrew Meyer Joins PINAC and WeAreChange

After seven years of self-publishing, I took the opportunity to work with some of the internet’s most cutting edge journalists. Carlos Miller of Photography Is Not A Crime, and Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change are both trailblazers in their field. Since inception, PINAC and WRC have both championed free speech while going the extra mile to expose the truth.

My articles with WRC have run the gamut from an exposé on charities to an examination of a vitamin that may cure depression. I also started producing WRC News, and our pilot episode is already on YouTube.


For PINAC, I’ve already had the opportunity to cover the arrest of a journalist who challenged the political machine in Alabama and interview a man whose unlawful arrest inspired him to run for city council. Getting hired by PINAC generated a mini-media buzzstorm, with ABC and WGN among the media covering the story.

Moving forward,  TheAndrewMeyer.com will host not only articles on politics, but music reviews, film recommendations, and much, much more. Stay tuned.