/The Next President Must Change Everything

The Next President Must Change Everything

“When we change, people change.  We are not here to change others. We are here to change ourselves. And THAT changes the world.”  – Billy Phillips

To be sure, when we change ourselves, the world will change. And it has to, because we need peace and abundance for all. With that said, the highest office in the most powerful government in the world is the United States President. When the people as a whole want peace and sacrifice their ego to see what’s really going on, they will find an honest person for the job. Right now, the best man for the job is Jesse Ventura.

Before we talk about liberal v. conservative or socialist and libertarian ideals, it’s important to recognize that right now the two major political parties in America are run by the same corporations and promoting the same harmful policies. Every American, regardless of political preference, should want to stop billion dollar gifts to corporations like GE, Monsanto, Exxon Mobil, and Goldman Sachs. The first test today for whether a man is fit to be President is – Does he want to end corporate welfare or is he on the corporate payroll?

Jesse Ventura is an independent, by party and nature. He tells the truth and he is really good at it. If We the People put in our time to collect signatures and get him ballot access in all 50 states, he will run for President and he will win. Before we argue whether President Ventura should build public things or restrict the government as much as possible, we need to acknowledge the variety of government scams that first need to end.

First and foremost, Wall Street bankers that committed crimes need to prosecuted, not immunized. Anyone that intentionally created the sub-prime mortgage crisis should go to jail, and the billion dollar bailouts must be recouped. If you watch the Keiser Report or read Matt Taibbi, you know there are dozens of frauds on Wall Street that deserve prosecution, not public aid.

Second, the troops need to come home. The wars are not to protect freedom, they were started to make money for the corporations looting Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. Oil, opium money, central bank power, military contracts, security contracts, rebuilding contracts, these are the real incentives for the wars. Freedom and security for the American public are not part of the equation.

I could go on for a long time about ending private prisons, legalizing marijuana, and a number of other simple policies that any just President would stand for, including President Ventura most likely. The takeaway from this story needs to be uniting the American people, and not on any of the number of important issues the country faces. Jesse Ventura is the best chance to win the Presidency in 2016 for 99% of the people. No other honest candidate has as much influence in the media or is as strong a speaker as Jesse Ventura. The next Commander-in-Chief needs to end our perpetual wars and bring peace, and Jesse Ventura is the best man for the job.



Of course, Jesse can only be elected with the help of the people, you and me. The means two things.

1. We need to take our time to collect signatures. Spreading the word is important, but taking action is more effective. Go with a friend and collect signatures. Everyone can spare an hour a month to change the country.

2. Change yourself. Whatever ego you see in yourself or others, stop judging and start caring and working to help. That doesn’t mean to be OK with everything everyone does, but it does mean you need to give people what they really need, whether it’s good advice, a stern lecture, non-judgment, unconditional love, or nothing at all. Everyone is different and we all need to work first and foremost on ourselves.