/Cancer cures, the end of Ron Paul, and Kabbalah on Christianity and Islam

Cancer cures, the end of Ron Paul, and Kabbalah on Christianity and Islam

So, there’s a lot of news to share on this Sunday.

In the interest of time, here are a number of topics that deserve their own TV stations all layed out in this single post.

First, the comprehensive documentary on the Gerson therapy is now available for free on youtube, explaining why cancer can be cured through diet, why the pharmaceutical-company-controlled AMA worked to discredit Gerson, why mercury fillings are dangerous, and much more.


Second, it’s time to acknowledge that Ron Paul has stopped working as an independent political activist. The warning signs were there for a while – having signed up for Ron Paul’s newsletter, in the last couple years I started getting emails and then phone calls from “mainstream” Republicans whose platforms were far closer to George W. Bush than Ron Paul, and Ron’s son Rand began acting more like a “mainstream” Republican once elected – but this last week provided the final curtain call. Ron’s son Rand endorsed Mitt Romney for President – while Ron still had a slight chance to win at the convention – and Ron himself said he couldn’t win the Republican nomination, throwing in the towel without a fight.

In the end, I’m grateful to Ron for educating so many people about the inflation tax created by the Federal Reserve when they spend billions for billionaires, as well as for campaigning to bring home the troops, legalize marijuana, and restore our rights. The time has come, however, to recognize that Ron is no longer fighting the good fight. With that said, the new best Presidential candidate available is Gary Johnson, who has the same chance of winning as you or I.


The lesson to learn? Empowering yourself. The most important thing is educating  and sharing with other people, and no matter what Ron or Rand do from here on out, we the people have the power to grow and make the world what we want.

To that end, here are some of the most enlightening videos I have ever seen. The following videos are from Billy Phillips, who reveals the true relationship between Kabbalah and both Christianity and Islam. The meaning of Golgotha, INRI, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and more are laid bare, and the answers contain the power to unite all of humanity.