/Spirituality for Kids releases free online content, study shows lasting positive effects

Spirituality for Kids releases free online content, study shows lasting positive effects

Spirituality For Kids unveils the award winning program that has taught children worldwide how to stop reactive behavior

After ten years of teaching children worldwide how to listen to their “true voice” and make wise choices, the acclaimed nonprofit Spirituality For Kids (SFK) has released brand new interactive videos and activities for free online. In the form of live-action animation and detailed activities, Spirituality for Kids’ new online classes teach children how to reflect on their actions, see challenges as opportunities, develop self-worth, and activate the desire to make a difference in the world around them.  A recent RAND study found that the Spirituality For Kids program had positive effects on students in a wide variety of areas, a change that persisted at a 12-week follow-up.


“My son, Amir, started to participate in the program last year. Our entire family paid attention to the change in his behavior, a positive change of course,” said Fatma Ilmi, parent of a Spirituality For Kids student.  “At first he was impatient and gave us a lot of troubles. Now he has learned to be more organized, patient and caring. This change can be clearly seen in his achievements in school that greatly improved as well.”

In 2008, I spent five months as an SFK classroom coordinator. The difference in the kids from the beginning of the program to the end was absolutely astonishing. Where the kids were disinterested and rowdy at the beginning of the program, by the end of the first eight-week course the kids were excited to walk into class and talk about how they used what they had learned in class to change their lives.

I can not recommend strongly enough showing the SFK videos to your kids and doing the activities with them. Check them out for yourself and see what you think! For more information about and personal recommendations for Spirituality for Kids, check out their website at sfk.org.