/Ron Paul supporter elected GOP Chair in Louisiana, arrested

Ron Paul supporter elected GOP Chair in Louisiana, arrested

In the following video, the Louisiana Republican convention’s newly voted Committee Chair is arrested for being a Ron Paul supporter.


Below is the Reuters story and headline. At no point in the story does Reuters mention the fact that the person arrested was in fact just elected as the new chairperson, and that he was arrested after trying to call the meeting to order. However, Reuters makes sure to mention “Paul’s decision last month to suspend active campaigning” and “Romney clinched on Tuesday.” Leaving aside that both of those statements are false, what do they have to do at all with the story of the man’s arrest? Those facts belong at the bottom of a 10 paragraph story, not in the second paragraph.


Ron Paul supporter arrested at Louisiana Republican convention

(Reuters) – Police said a Ron Paul supporter was arrested and complained of injury after refusing to leave the Louisiana Republican State Convention on Saturday, a boisterous event where backers of the Texas congressman argued for a greater voice.

The fracas follows Paul’s decision last month to suspend active campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination, which Mitt Romney clinched on Tuesday with a resounding victory in the Texas primary.


What was the man arrested for? Where’s the report of the man’s serious injury, a dislodged artificial hip? These are questions that anyone would formulate from watching the video, much less a supposedly trained journalist. The story also makes no mention of the fact that the “Ron Paul supporter” was just elected Chairman of the Louisiana Republican Convention!

This story actually explains what happened. Why doesn’t Reuters have this information, or anything to contradict it? Here is a firsthand account of what happened.

There are two things to take away from this story. One, the GOP knows Ron Paul can win, and will try anything to stop him from winning. Two, as always, the mainstream media work for the same people that Romney and Obama do, which is why you need to go out of your way to help people access real news. Share this story on facebook, through email, by carrier pigeon, whatever it takes to get the word out.